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Case Study - Heather and Jane

In August 2011 we received a call from a local PCT discharge team telling us that they had an 84-year-old woman with dementia and mild Parkinson’s who was being sent home in just three days after having been treated for a rather nasty fall.

Up until then Heather had primarily been looked after by her 82-year-old sister Jane and a combination of friends and family who all wanted to do their best for her. Due to the specialist care that Heather now needed, this arrangement alone was no longer going to be feasible, so we spoke with her sister and nephew then met with her occupational therapist, her social worker and the discharge coordinator from the hospital to determine Heather’s needs and the best way of ensuring that they were all tended to with the right kind of on-going care.

Nobody wanted Heather to have to move into a nursing home, least of all Heather herself, so we sat down and formulated a plan of action based on our combined risk assessment.

Live-in care and so much more

First we needed to ascertain the level of support that Heather and Jane needed and, after much discussion, it was decided that live-in care was the way to go.

Second, it was determined that it would be better for Heather if her bedroom was not upstairs so, with only a day to go, we sent a couple of our staff members round to Heather and Jane’s home so they could move all her bedroom furniture downstairs – not something we do for every client, but needs must and time was of the essence.

And, finally, we introduced Heather and Jane to their new house guest and live-in carer, Beena. The three of them get on so well that six months later Beena was still with them and the three of them get along exceptionally well.

Heather and Jane’s live-in care plan:

Beena moved in with Heather and Jane to offer live-in care where it was needed. Here are a few of the things that Beena does for them:

  1. Respite assistance: Jane was perfectly capable of looking after herself, but with the help of Beena she is now able to take a break from looking after her sister once in a while, to get out and see friends or even to go on holiday if she wished to.
  2. Domiciliary support: As part of Beena’s live-in care duties she helps out around the house for both of the sisters, cooking, cleaning, shopping and doing anything else that’s requested of her.
  3. Personal care: Not a standard live-in care service, but personal care extends Beena’s duties to more hands-on assistance – dressing, grooming, bathing and so forth.
  4. Dementia care: Beena is there to help Heather with all the additional support that she needs with her dementia and Parkinson’s, and in her recuperation from that nasty fall that saw her into hospital in the first place.

Beena has transformed both Heather and Jane’s lives by being there to assist them day after day. Her support now allows Heather to spend more quality time with her sister and wider family and friends and everyone is happy that her needs are being fully looked after.

If we can help you or someone you love with our live-in care service please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 3077 2233.