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Live-in care that rejoices in life

Our palliative care service focuses on making life more comfortable for those suffering from any illness or condition that necessitates this form of live-in care. We offer this support to clients of any age and, no matter whether what’s needed is companionship or a nurse able to administer pain-regulating medication, or someone to help around the house or to assist you with dressing and grooming, ANA Nursing is here to help, just give us a call on 020 3077 2233.

Ensuring your comfort.

Our highly trained and skilled end-of-life care assistants and nurses are adept at quickly developing friendly relationships with clients, not only to give them peace of mind about sharing their homes with their new house guest but also so that they can establish the best support at home for our clients.

ANA Nursing offers all the support that anyone requiring palliative care could possibly need, but, more than that, what sets us apart is our willingness to adapt our live-in care to the individual needs of our clients. Your carer or nurse will be selected on the basis of their skills and experience, and the support they offer will be tailored specifically to your needs – personalised live-in care from ANA Nursing.

Having help at home is so important to anyone suffering from a terminal condition. To be surrounded by the things and people they love gives them a strength and peace that no nursing home could possibly replicate. Our live-in care not only supports our clients through their toughest times, but it also enables friends and family to spend more quality time with the one they love, content in the knowledge that their needs are being met.

To find out more about our live-in care for those requiring palliative support, please do call us on 020 3077 2233.