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Now announcing: Newsletters!
by anaadmin

How do we ensure that the information that we give our carers during training stays fresh inside their minds?

By sending newsletters packed with all the relevant and necessary information!


We successfully launched our first issue of ANA Newsletters last month regarding End of Life Care and the challenges that come with providing that type of care. Care workers face their unique challenges and we hope that through these newsletters we are able to reach out to our care workers and address their issues and at the same time keep them up-to-date on all the relevant information. We will try to focus on topics such as Dementia, ensuring quality in care, Parkinson's, and other aspects of the care workers everyday encounters. Ultimately we want to address the issues that affect our care workers the most.


Stay tuned for our July issue! 

  • Authoranaadmin
  • Date7/3/2017 10:55:48 AM

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