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Pizza Party Islington
by anaadmin

Our carers from the Islington branch are being invited by ANA to show up and demonstrate team spirit by eating pizza. Our care workers spend their time looking after and caring for the elderly, for people with Dementia, people troubled by Parkinson's, and all other form of debilitating diseases and conditions. So for a change it would be nice for the carers to be ones looked after and cared for. We at ANA understand and value the daily sacrifice that goes into being a care worker and how often the carers go above and beyond for their client. To be truthful, one afternoon of cheesy pizza goodness is not going to do justice to the 110% the care workers put out, but we at ANA believe that it is a good place to start. 


On the 16th June we invited all our care workers from the Islington branch to participate in a pizza evening hosted by ANA, we received a great turnout with carers coming in between their shifts to drop by and have an informal chat with with one another and the office staff. Teamwork is a pillar that is vital to the success of any company to flourish, even more so when our wonderful clients rely on the efficient communication between care workers and their managers to provide the highest quality of care. 


We look forward to hosting another brilliant event like this, where the different roles at ANA come together to sit down and bond over oven baked dough with a layer of tomato sauce, cheese, and another layer of topping according to the consumers preference.


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  • Authoranaadmin
  • Date6/5/2017 3:48:55 PM

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