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Dementia support for those you love

Dementia affects everyone differently; for some it’s the memory loss that causes most distress, for others it’s the confusion or increasingly acute communication issues. Around one in 75 people in the UK* suffer from the symptoms of dementia and, though many will find that they are able to cope with the early stages, as this is a degenerative condition there may, at some point, be reason for you to seek the support of a live-in care service. We would just like you to know that whatever your dementia care needs are, ANA Nursing is here to provide help when you need it. Give us a call on 020 3077 2233 today.

Dementia care specialised for you.

Here at ANA Nursing we pride ourselves on offering a completely bespoke and personalised live-in care service. Whether you need help getting dressed in the morning, paying bills, picking up your medication, or keeping your house spick and span for when friends and family come to visit, our kind and caring staff will always afford you the best elderly care. Of course, even though dementia mostly affects those over 65 years of age, around 2% of sufferers are younger and we’d like to make it clear that we have no age limit at either end of the scale for the live-in care service we offer.

Dementia can be particularly cruel as it has the capacity to slowly rob us of our memories and our ability to look after ourselves. Symptoms can vary between clients in nature and severity, and the progression of the condition can be slow or more rapid. Whatever our clients’ needs are, and however they change throughout the time we are supporting them, ANA Nursing’s live-in care service will adapt and change too in order to always provide our clients with the support and attention they need in order to retain their freedom to live in their own homes for as long as they wish.

To find out more about how our live-in care service can help support you or those you love in their own homes, please contact us today on 020 3077 2233



*According to Alzheimer’s Research Trust 2010