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Your Parkinsons care in good hands

ANA Nursing’s experienced and friendly team of live-in care assistants and nurses is here to help no matter what your illness, condition or situation. If you or someone you know suffers from Parkinson’s you may need to plan for the future possibility that some additional support will be needed. We are more than happy to discuss any level of assistance at any time, even if you just need to talk to someone about how we can help if the need arises, just call 020 3077 2233.

You are not alone

One person in every 500 in the UK has Parkinson’s;* that’s a massive 127,000 people affected by this cruel condition. We offer up this statistic not for its own sake, but to show anyone who has recently been diagnosed that they are not alone and that, because of the prolific nature of this illness, there are literally thousands of people in numerous organisations around the world looking for a cure and promoting awareness of the condition. That being said, we have to remember that this is a degenerative condition, therefore it would also be sensible to consider the possibility that at some point you may need a little extra help at home – the sort of support that a live-in care organisation like ours can provide.

Parkinson’s care is very much like any other live-in care that we provide. Though the condition is most commonly associated with a tremor, there are other symptoms which share many similarities with those simply suffering from old age (tiredness, rigidity, discomfort and so on). Our carers and nurses are therefore fully aware of all the needs and demands that anyone suffering from this condition may have, and are completely able to adapt their support to any requirement.

ANA Nursing offers a uniquely personalised approach to live-in care. Whether you need short- or long-term care, respite support while friends or family are away, or our 24-hour service, ANA Nursing will be there for you. The same goes for your specific needs and wishes, as our carers and nurses are able to offer anything from companionship and cooking to bathing and assisting with medication. We continually monitor your needs and adapt our service to your wishes and the changing demands of your condition.

To find out more about ANA Nursing’s live-in care service and how it may relate to your Parkinson’s support please do feel free to call us on 020 3077 2233.



*According to Parkinson’s UK (